Pastor Robin Phillips
Service Time: 10am

Pastor’s Weekly Note

God wants us to trust Him with all of our hearts. Everyday. Every moment of everyday! And with everything! That can seem like a very uncertain proposition at times because life is completely unpredictable.  Yet nothing surprises Him.

Trusting God with the details of our lives is the surest bet we will ever make.  No one is more committed to our well-being than God himself.  No hands are more capable than His. No heart is for us like His.  He has pledged his loyalty to us thru the oath of covenant. God keeps his covenant promises! Genesis 15 is out text this Sunday. It is the bridge that ties both the Old and New Covenant together. It is rest for our souls.

I hope to see you Sunday.

– Robin Phillips, Pastor 

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    Raleigh, NC 27614
    Pastor: Robin Phillips
    Service Time: 10:00am