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Restore Nicaragua

As part of our Mission Statement to grow God’s kingdom, we believe that we are to be reconcilers in the world. In 2011, we set a goal to plant 5 churches in 10 years.

Our mission in Nicaragua is to:

Develop long term relationships in safe, accessible locations with strong partners to empower dynamic leaders to reach their world for Christ.

Why Nicaragua Needs Help:

Of the 6 million people in their population:

Why We Believe We Can Help Nicaragua:

As the poorest country in Central America, Nicaragua has tremendous needs.

Because it is the safest country in Central America, there is tremendous opportunity to meet those needs.


Our strategy for helping Nicaragua churches reach their world for Christ is built on bringing together like-minded key partners.

You are the most important partner we have.

We are looking for additional kingdom-minded partners to be a part of this great work. In addition to the churches that we have already committed to serve, ICM has already identified and screened other fledgling church communities that qualify for facilities. We have also secured an on-the-ground logistics coordinator in Managua. They are able to organize mission trips for teams who want to do construction projects, medical mission ventures, bible camps and more. Further, we have identified safe and affordable accommodations in Managua. The logistical groundwork has been laid with the intent of involving other church communities looking to get hands-on in a kingdom building venture.

Church Locations (all near Managua):

We are currently in the process of helping fund and build six churches in and around Managua, Nicaragua. These churches are built so that they can also serve as Hope Centers. As Hope Centers, these churches are already feeding and educating hundreds of children each week. Our intent is to provide them with a facility that expands their ability to spread the gospel and care for the poor. Two of the Church/Hope Centers are already under construction.

We have limited our geographic focus in order to be able to maximize our effect and help build a community that supports each other among the various churches. This also allows us the opportunity of providing leadership development training to key members as the churches gather together.

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How Can YOU Be Part of the Nicaraguan Initiative?

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